Health Coaching

"I'm so glad you told me about this plan. I have been struggling for so long and I've done everything-- all the elimination diets, eliminating inflammatory foods. Everything. I can never lose weight. I've lost 12 pounds sticking to this plan, which started with the 7-day Detox. I feel good and I'm so mentally relieved that I can finally lose weight." -- Karen R. 

"For years I have tried alternative modalities to control the debilitating symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease. Liza's insight to first use functional medicine lab tests to find out the imbalances, and then use protocols to help the body heal itself made perfect sense to me. Thanks to Liza I took the tests and began treatments. With Liza's coaching I am navigating the program and experiencing improvement. I can testify that in early June my Lyme specialist said I was the healthiest that I had been in 25 years. In addition, Liza embodies all the qualities of an exceptional coach: encouraging, assisting, clarifying, inspiring, informing, and consistently self-educating. I enthusiastically recommend Liza without reservation." -- Loy C.